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13. Copper Fitting.jpg
ACR Copper Fittings
Suitable for refrigeration and air conditioning, certified by various
global standards such as KS, JIS, AS, etc
copper tube_photo.jpg
ACR Copper Tubes
  • Copper Tube intended to use in the connection, repairs of Air Conditioning or Refrigerant units in the field. 
  • Specification : KSD 5301, JIS H3300, ASTM B280, AS/NZ 1571, BS EN 12735-1
  • Outer Diameter : 6mm ~ 105mm
19. Power Cool_Multi_ss.jpg

SPLIT & PORTABLE Spot Cooler & Heater

Innovative Structure of separated "Working Unit" and Ventilation Unit"

* Solved limitations of movement and space with detachable Flex

   Connection Hose.

* Reduced noise with the separation of the Working Unit and

   Ventilation Unit.

* Higher Energy Efficiency.

* Excellent cooling & heating with automatic fan speed control.

* Models : Power Cool & Heat / Power Cool / Power Cool Multi-Split

 Flexible Capillary Tube, Fittings & Crimping Tools 

  • Suitable for all CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants, natural      gases and ammonia.

  • Working temperature range is from -40°C to +130°C

  • Durable under high pressure, min. burst pressure from 250 bar to 800 bar.

  • Easy to crimp hose and fittings by its tools.

18. Digital Manifold.jpg

Digital Manifold & Digital Gage

  • Compact design

  • 4 Way manifold with sight glass.

  • Caculation of superheat & subcooling

  • Built in Vacuum gauge

  • 1 x Temperature sensor clamp

  • Backlight display

20. Condensate Pump.jpg

MICRODAM Condensate Pump 

  • Mini-Pump with Electromagnetic Piston Pump technology, designed to be install in a ready-made conduit of wall split air conditioners.

  • Medium and Large size pump with Centrifugal Pump technology, installed under wall split air conditioners and condensing boilers.

  • Less Noise, Compact Design, Excellent Performance

 Water Regulating Valve - pressure actuated

  • water flow to control refrigerant head pressure in water-cooled condensing system.

  • Modulating regulation of the condensing pressure and so    maintain it constant during operation.

  • When the refrigeration system is stopped, the cooling water flow is shut off automatically.

  • 2-way pressure actuated water regulating valves, on open    pressure increase.

 Compressor Valves

  • Over 20 years technical experiences for Korean clients. 

  • Quality experiences for various Refrigeration Compressors.

  • Custom design and standard Compressor Valves available.

Machined Investment Casting, Iron Sand Casting &

Aluminum Extrusion 

  • Global supply experiences for Emerson, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Invensys, etc

  • Superior quality system to meet clients requirement.

  • Stamping, Hear Treatment, Surface Finish

  • Complete understanding about global Supply Chain target. 

15_2. Pilot, Co2 Sol Valve.jpg

Pilot-Operated Control Valve

  • For regulating pressure, temperature and ON/OFF function in Refrigeration system.

  • The valve comprises three main components ; valve body, function module and top cover.

  • Designed as pilot-operated valves requiring minimal pressure differential to open

  • Available for used with either one or three pilot valves

  • Max working pressure ; 52 bar

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