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Specialized in various Products and Parts for HVAC&R Industry, UTEK represent Korean quality and experienced manufacturers in the industry, and consolidate their products in one shipment with one invoice.    Save your time and cost. 

Backed by 20 years export experiences in the HVAC & R Industry, UTEK is established to introduce local, but, superior quality Korean manufacturers for more clients in the global market. 

Scope of supply is ; 
*  Copper Tube and Copper Fittings

*  Braze-free Tube Connector

*  Pilot-operated Control Valves - for Co2 and Ammonia sysytem

*  Co2 Solenoid Valve

*  Split & Portable Spot Cooler & Heater

*  Vibration Absorbers 

*  Capillary Tubes, Brass Fittings and Crimping Tools 

*  Refrigeration Ball Valves, MWP of standard 48 bar 

*  Digital Manifolder & Digital Gauge 

*  Condensate Pumps

*  Water Regulating Valves for water-cooled Condenser, Ice makers
*  Compressor Valves for most of well-known global Compressor brands. 

*  Precision Forged / Casted / Machined components with Brass, Bronze,

    Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy

* Centrifugal Clutch for Commercial Vehicle Refrigeration

*  Self-Light Torch,  Tube Cutters  

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